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  • HY-146094
    Antitumor agent-63

    Topoisomerase Cancer
    Antitumor agent-63 (Compound 40), a 20 (S)-O-linked camptothecin (CPT) glycoconjugate, is an antitumor agent without toxicity towards normal cells. Antitumor agent-63 shows high stability and very weak direct topoisomerase I (Topo I) inhibition.
  • HY-144661
    KRAS G12D inhibitor 14

    Ras Apoptosis Cancer
    KRAS G12D inhibitor 14 is a potent KRAS G12D inhibitor with a KD of 33 nM for binding to KRAS G12D protein. KRAS G12D inhibitor 14 decreases the active form of KRAS G12D (KRAS G12D-GTP) but not KRAS G13D.
  • HY-144338

    Epigenetic Reader Domain PARP Apoptosis DNA/RNA Synthesis Cancer
    PARP1/BRD4-IN-1 is a potent and high selective PARP1/BRD4 inhibitor (IC50s of 49 and 202 nM in PARP1 and BRD4, respectively). PARP1/BRD4-IN-1 represses the expression and activity of PARP1 and BRD4 to synergistically inhibit the malignant growth of pancreatic cancer cells.