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Apocynaceae (131):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0488
    Vincristine sulfate 2068-78-2 99.81%
    Vincristine sulfate is an antitumor vinca alkaloid which inhibits microtubule formation in mitotic spindle, resulting in an arrest of dividing cells at the metaphase stage. It binds to microtubule with a Ki of 85 nM.
    Vincristine sulfate
  • HY-13780
    Vinblastine sulfate 143-67-9 99.04%
    Vinblastine sulfate is a cytotoxic alkaloid used against various cancer types. Vinblastine sulfate inhibits the formation of microtubule and suppresses nAChR with an IC50 of 8.9 μM.
    Vinblastine sulfate
  • HY-12053A
    Vinorelbine ditartrate 125317-39-7 99.15%
    Vinorelbine (ditartrate) is an anti-mitotic agent which inhibits the proliferation of Hela cells with IC50 of 1.25 nM.
    Vinorelbine ditartrate
  • HY-12715
    Yohimbine 146-48-5 99.91%
    Yohimbine is a potent and relatively nonselective alpha 2-adrenergic receptor (AR) antagonist, with IC50 of 0.
  • HY-N0768
    Isoquercitrin 21637-25-2 99.95%
    Isoquercitrin (Isoquercitroside) is an effective antioxidant and an eosinophilic inflammation suppressor.
  • HY-N12239
    Condurango glycoside E 115784-07-1
    Condurango glycoside E is a glycoside compound that can be isolated from the bark extract of Marsdenia cundurango.
    Condurango glycoside E
  • HY-N4275
    Oleaside A 69686-84-6
    Oleaside A is a polar cardenolide monoglycoside isolated from Nerium oleander, inhibits the induction of ICAM-1 induced by IL-1α and TNF-α, and has anti-tumor activity.
    Oleaside A
  • HY-119642
    Kopsinine 559-51-3
    Kopsinine is an indole alkaloid extracted from periwinkle flowers.
  • HY-13295
    Vinpocetine 42971-09-5 99.57%
    Vinpocetine (Ethyl apovincaminate) is a derivative of the alkaloid Vincamine that blocks voltage-gated Na+ channels. The IC50 value of Vinpocetine on direct IKK inhibition in the cell-free system is 17.17 μM. Vinpocetine is a phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor and inhibits NF-κB-dependent inflammatory responses by directly targeting IκB kinase complex (IKK), and has been widely used for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders.
  • HY-129071
    Vindesine sulfate 59917-39-4 99.40%
    Vindesine sulfate is a potent tubulin inhibitor with an Ki of 0.110 µM. Vindesine sulfate shows anti-proliferation effect in vitro. Vindesine sulfate shows antitumor effect in vivo.
    Vindesine sulfate
  • HY-N0252
    Catharanthine 2468-21-5 99.53%
    Catharanthine ((+)-3,4-Didehydrocoronaridine), a constituent of anticancer vinca alkaloids, inhibits voltage-operated L-type Ca2+ channel (VOCC). Catharanthine has IC50s of 220 μM and 8 μM for VOCC currents in cardiomyocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), respectively. Catharanthine lowers blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR). Catharanthine has anti-cancer activity.
  • HY-13719
    Oleandrin 465-16-7 99.93%
    Oleandrin (PBI-05204) inhibits the Na+, K+-ATPase activity with an IC50 of 620 nM.
  • HY-W002198
    2-Hydroxyacetophenone 582-24-1 99.91%
    2-Hydroxyacetophenone is a principal root volatile of the Carissa edulis. 2-Hydroxyacetophenone shows inhibitory effects on infection of HIV/SARS-CoV S pseudovirus with an IC50 of 1.8 mM.
  • HY-15753A
    Ellipticine hydrochloride 5081-48-1 99.34%
    Ellipticine (NSC 71795) hydrochloride is a potent antineoplastic agent; inhibits DNA topoisomerase II activities.
    Ellipticine hydrochloride
  • HY-B1167
    Ajmaline 4360-12-7 99.82%
    Ajmaline (Cardiorythmine) is a sodium channel blocking, class 1A anti-arrhythmic agent. Ajmaline blocks HERG currents with an IC50 of 1 μM in HEK cells and 42.3 μM in Xenopus oocytes. Ajmaline can be used for the research of the ventricular tachyarrhythmia.
  • HY-B1180
    Vinburnine 4880-88-0 99.78%
    Vincamone is a vinca alkaloid and a metabolite of vincamine, is a vasodilator.
  • HY-W011151
    trans-Zeatinriboside 6025-53-2 99.65%
    trans-Zeatinriboside is a type of cytokinin precursor, acts as a major long-distance signalling form in xylem vessels, regulates leaf size and meristem activity-related traits.
  • HY-B1021
    Vincamine 1617-90-9 99.65%
    Vincamine is a monoterpenoid indole alkaloid extracted from the Madagascar periwinkle. Vincamine is a peripheral vasodilator and exerts a selective vasoregulator action on the brain microcapilar circulation. Vincamine is a GPR40 agonist and acts as a β-cell protector by ameliorating β-cell dysfunction and promoting glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS). Vincamine improves glucose homeostasis in vivo, and has the potential for the type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) research.
  • HY-N8441
    Neriifolin 466-07-9 99.43%
    Neriifolin, a CNS-penetrating cardiac glycoside, is an inhibitor of the Na+, K+-ATPase. Neriifolin can target beclin 1, inhibits the formation of LC3-associated phagosomes and ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) development. Neriifolin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells[2.
  • HY-15753
    Ellipticine 519-23-3 98.17%
    Ellipticine (NSC 71795) is a potent antineoplastic agent; inhibits DNA topoisomerase II activities.