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Plantaginaceae (8):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0031
    Plantamajoside 104777-68-6 99.52%
    Plantamajoside is a phenylpropanoid glycoside isolated from Plantago asiatica L.(Plantaginaceae). Plantamajoside has protective effects on LPS-induced acute lung injury (ALI) mice model. Plantamajoside has the potential for the treatment of pulmonary inflammation.
  • HY-N1470
    Plantagoside 78708-33-5 99.79%
    Plantagoside, isolated from the seeds of Plantago asiatica, is a specific and non-competitive inhibitor for jack bean α-mannosidase, with an IC50 of 5 μM.
  • HY-16022
    Acetyldigitoxin 1111-39-3
    Acetyldigitoxin (Digitoxin 3'''-Acetate) is a cardiac glycoside. Acetyldigitoxin can come from the leaves of Digitalis species. Acetyldigitoxin reduces the heart rate and can be used for cardiac failure rasearch.
  • HY-N10590
    Arborescosidic acid 325798-51-4
    Arborescosidic acid (Deacetylalpinoside) is a carboxylated iridoid glucoside, that can be isolated from Veronica beccabunga (brooklime).
    Arborescosidic acid
  • HY-N10694
    Rehmannioside B 81720-06-1
    Rehmannioside B is a desacyl derivative of Picrorhizaoside B, which can be isolated from the methanol extract of the rhizomes of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth. (Plantaginaceae).
    Rehmannioside B
  • HY-N9925
    Plantaginin 26046-94-6
    Plantaginin is a glycoside can be isolated from fresh leaves of Plantago asiatica L..
  • HY-N7328
    Lanatoside B 17575-21-2
    Lanatoside B is a cardenolide that can be isolated from the leaves of Digitalis lanata.
    Lanatoside B
  • HY-N7602
    10-Hydroxy majoroside 259753-12-3
    10-Hydroxy majoroside is a methanol extract isolated from plantago asiatica.
    10-Hydroxy majoroside