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Amaranthaceae (9):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0131
    Stigmasterol 83-48-7 ≥98.0%
    Stigmasterol is a plant sterol which has been focused on the cholesterol-lowering activity and is valued as an anti-stiffness factor in the therapy of rheumatic diseases.
  • HY-N0818
    Chikusetsusaponin Iva 51415-02-2 ≥98.0%
    Chikusetsusaponin IVa a major active ingredient of triterpenoid saponins, exerts antithrombotic effects, including minor hemorrhagic events.
    Chikusetsusaponin Iva
  • HY-N0211
    Cyasterone 17086-76-9 98.70%
    Cyasterone, a natural EGFR inhibitor, mainly isolated from Ajuga decumbens Thunb (Labiatae). Cyasterone manifests anti-proliferation effect by induced apoptosis and cell cycle arrests. Cyasterone may serves as a therapeutic anti-tumor agent against human tumors.
  • HY-N7026
    Celosin I 1807732-38-2
    Celosin I, an oleanane-type triterpenoid saponin isolated from the seeds of Celosia argentea L, could be used as chemical markers for the quality control of C. argentea seeds. Celosin I exhibits significant hepatoprotective effect on carbon tetrachloride-induced and N,N-dimethylformamide-induced hepatotoxicity in mice.
    Celosin I
  • HY-N7952
    Achyranthoside D 168009-91-4
    Achyranthoside D is a triterpene saponin from Achyranthes root.
    Achyranthoside D
  • HY-N4131
    25R-Inokosterone 19682-38-3
    25R-Inokosterone is a phytoecdysone isolated from Achyranthis Radix.
  • HY-N2200
    Precyasterone 27335-85-9
    Precyasterone is a natural product isolated from the dried roots of Cyathula capitata.
  • HY-N4130
    25S-Inokosterone 19595-18-7
    25S-Inokosterone is a phytoecdysone in the roots of two same species of A. bidentata Blume and A. japonica Nakai, and two different species of C. capitata Moq and C. officinalis Kuan. 25S-Inokosterone has the potential for the LPS-induced acute kidney injury research.
  • HY-N8215
    Achyranthoside C 168009-90-3
    Achyranthoside C is a saponin from Achyranthes bidentata. The derivative of Achyranthoside C has inhibitory activity on osteoclast formation.
    Achyranthoside C