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5-HT1 Receptor


5-HT1 Receptor Related Products (155):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-15780
    Modulator 99.64%
    Brexpiprazole (OPC-34712), an atypical orally active antipsychotic drug, is a partial agonist of human 5-HT1A and dopamine D2L receptor with Kis of 0.12 nM and 0.3 nM, respectively.
  • HY-112061
    Agonist 98.18%
    8-OH-DPAT is a potent and selective 5-HT agonist, with a pIC50 of 8.19 for 5-HT1A and a Ki of 466 nM for 5-HT7; 8-OH-DPAT weakly binds to 5-HT1B (pIC50, 5.42), 5-HT (pIC50 <5).
  • HY-14541
    Antagonist 99.89%
    Olanzapine (LY170053) is a selective, orally active monoaminergic antagonist with high affinity binding to serotonin H1, 5HT2A/2C, 5HT3, 5HT6 (Ki=7, 4, 11, 57, and 5 nM, respectively), dopamine D1-4 (Ki=11 to 31 nM), muscarinic M1-5 (Ki=1.9-25 nM), and adrenergic α1 receptor (Ki=19 nM).
  • HY-136109
    SEP-363856 hydrochloride
    Agonist 99.78%
    SEP-363856 hydrochloride (SEP-856 hydrochloride), an orally active and CNS active psychotropic agent with a unique, non-D2/5-HT2A mechanism of action, exerts its antipsychotic-like effects.
  • HY-B0527A
    Amitriptyline hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.56%
    Amitriptyline hydrochloride is an inhibitor of serotonin reuptake transporter (SERT) and noradrenaline reuptake transporter (NET), with Kis of 3.45 nM and 13.3 nM for human SERT and NET, respectively.
  • HY-111385
    UNC9994 hydrochloride
    Modulator 98.83%
    UNC9994 hydrochloride is a functionally selective, β-arrestin–biased dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) agonist that selectively activates β-arrestin recruitment and signaling.
  • HY-14546A
    Aripiprazole monohydrate
    Aripiprazole (OPC-14597) monohydrate, an atypical antipsychotic, is a potent and high-affinity dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist.
  • HY-14546
    Agonist 99.93%
    Aripiprazole (OPC-14597), an atypical antipsychotic, is a potent and high-affinity dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist.
  • HY-B0032A
    Modulator 99.90%
    Lurasidone (SM-13496) is an antagonist of both dopamine D2 and 5-HT7 with IC50s of 1.68 and 0.495 nM, respectively.
  • HY-14544
    Agonist 99.96%
    Quetiapine (ICI204636) is a 5-HT receptors agonist with a pEC50 of 4.77 for human 5-HT1A receptor.
  • HY-B0982
    Modulator 99.91%
    Pindolol (LB-46) is a nonselective β-blocker with partial beta-adrenergic receptor agonist activity, also functions as a 5-HT1A receptor weak partial antagonist (Ki=33nM).
  • HY-N0049
    Modulator 99.46%
    Nuciferine is an antagonist at 5-HT2A (IC50=478 nM), 5-HT2C (IC50=131 nM), and 5-HT2B (IC50=1 μM), an inverse agonist at 5-HT7 (IC50=150 nM), a partial agonist at D2 (EC50=64 nM), D5 (EC50=2.6 μM) and 5-HT6 (EC50=700 nM), an agonist at 5-HT1A (EC50=3.2 μM) and D4 (EC50=2 μM) receptor.
  • HY-A0077
    Antagonist 99.72%
    Perphenazine is an orally active dopamine receptor and histamine-1 receptor antagonist, with Ki values of 0.56 nM (D2), 0.43 nM (D3), 6 nM (5-HT2A), respectively.
  • HY-107836
    Methiothepin mesylate
    Antagonist 99.32%
    Methiothepin mesylate is a potent and non-selective 5-HT2 receptor antagonist, with pKds of 7.10 (5-HT1A), 7.28 (5HT1B), 7.56 (5HT1C), 6.99 (5HT1D), 7.0 (5-HT5A), 7.8 (5-HT5B), 8.74 (5-HT6), and 8.99 (5-HT7), and pKis of 8.50 (5HT2A), 8.68 (5HT2B), and 8.35 (5HT2C).
  • HY-B1517
    Antagonist 99.87%
    Alprenolol ((RS)-Alprenolol; dl-Alprenolol) is an orally active non-selective β-adrenoceptor antagonist and an antagonist of 5-HT1A and 5-HT1B receptors.
  • HY-101105A
    SB-224289 hydrochloride
    Antagonist ≥99.0%
    SB-224289 hydrochloride is a selective 5-HT1B receptor antagonist, with anxiolytic effect.
  • HY-14542
    Antagonist 98.28%
    Ziprasidone (CP-88059), an orally active antipsychotic agent, is a combined 5-HT and dopamine receptor antagonist.
  • HY-14558
    Agonist 99.41%
    Tandospirone (SM-3997) is a potent and selective 5-HT1A receptor partial agonist, with a Ki of 27 nM.
  • HY-111455
    Agonist 99.61%
    LP-211 is a selective and blood−brain barrier penetrant 5-HT7 receptor agonist, with a Ki of 0.58 nM, with high selectivity over 5-HT1A receptor (Ki, 188 nM) and D2 receptor (Ki, 142 nM).
  • HY-B0731A
    Modulator 99.43%
    Perospirone (SM-9018 free base) is an orally active antagonist of 5-HT2A receptor (Ki=0.6 nM) and dopamine D2 receptor (Ki=1.4 nM), and also a partial agonist of 5-HT1A receptor (Ki=2.9 nM).