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Aurora Kinase


Aurora Kinase Related Products (22):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-15767
    Inhibitor 98.84%
    TAK-632 is a potent pan-RAF inhibitor with IC50 of 1.4, 2.4 and 8.3 nM for CRAF, BRAFV600E, BRAFWT, respectively.
  • HY-112273A
    CD532 hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.31%
    CD532 hydrochloride is a potent Aurora A kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 45 nM. CD532 hydrochloride has the dual effect of blocking Aurora A kinase activity and driving degradation of MYCN. CD532 hydrochloride also can directly interact with AURKA and induces a global conformational shift. CD532 hydrochloride can be used for the research of cancer.
  • HY-18161
    Inhibitor 98.09%
    CCT241736 is a potent and orally bioavailable dual FLT3 and Aurora kinase inhibitor, which inhibits Aurora kinases (Aurora-A Kd, 7.5 nM, IC50, 38 nM; Aurora-B Kd, 48 nM), FLT3 kinase (Kd, 6.2 nM), and FLT3 mutants including FLT3-ITD (Kd, 38 nM) and FLT3(D835Y) (Kd, 14 nM).
  • HY-148063
    DB0614 (Example 21) is a bifunctional compound targeted protein degradation of kinases. DB0614 degrades AAK1, AURKA, BMP2K, CAMKK1, CDK16, CML, CDK6, EIF2AK2, FER, GAK, LCK, LIMK2, MAP3KH, MAPK8, MAPK9, NEK9, PLK4, PTK2B, SIK2, STK17A, STK17B, ULK1, ULK3, and WEE1. DB0614 can be used for research of disease or disorder mediated by aberrant kinase activity.
  • HY-145601
    Modulator 98.45%
    Tinengotinib is the modulator of one or more protein kinases such as Aurora kinase and VEGFR kinase. Tinengotinib has the potential for the research of these kinase abnormalities diseases mediated, especially cancer-related diseases (extracted from patent WO2018108079A1).
  • HY-149354
    Aurora Kinases-IN-4
    Aurora Kinases-IN-4 (Compound 11c) is a covalent and ATP competitive aurora kinase A inhibitor (IC50: 1.7 nM). Aurora Kinases-IN-4 inhibits cell proliferation in SJSA-1, MDA-MB-231, A54, HeLa cells with IC50s of 4.27, 1.54, 3.08, 6.99 μM. Aurora Kinases-IN-4 can be used for research of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).
  • HY-155464
    VEGFR-2/AURKA-IN-1 (compound 5e) is a thiazolidin-4-one derivative with antiglioma activity (IC50: 6.43 μM, LN229). VEGFR-2/AURKA-IN-1 has affinity for AURKA and VEGFR-2 and is a potential ligand. VEGFR-2/AURKA-IN-1 causes DNA strand breaks and exhibits cytotoxic and anticancer potential.
  • HY-144991
    Aurora kinase inhibitor-8
    Inhibitor 98.10%
    Aurora kinase inhibitor-8 is a highly selective inhibitor of the Aurora kinases.
  • HY-126249
    Inhibitor 98.31%
    AAPK-25 is a potent and selective Aurora/PLK dual inhibitor with anti-tumor activity, which can cause mitotic delay and arrest cells in a prometaphase, reflecting by the biomarker histone H3Ser10 phosphorylation and followed by a surge in apoptosis. AAPK-25 targets Aurora-A, -B, and -C with Kd values ranging from 23-289 nM, as well as PLK-1, -2, and -3 with Kd values ranging from 55-456 nM.
  • HY-149694
    Aurora kinase inhibitor-12
    Aurora Kinase Inhibitor-12 (Compound 1a ) is the inhibitor ofaurora kinasewhich is a key enzyme that is implicated in tumor growth.
  • HY-115932
    Aurora kinase-IN-1
    Aurora kinase-IN-1 (Compound 9) is a potent inhibitor of aurora kinase. Aurora kinase-IN-1 upregulates the expression of G1 cell cycle inhibitory proteins including p21 and p27, and G1 progressive cyclin D1, and downregulates G1-to-S progressive cyclins, resulting in cell cycle arrest at the G1/S boundary. Aurora kinase-IN-1 also induces apoptosis. Aurora kinase-IN-1 is a lead compound for chemotherapeutic agents.
  • HY-N12436
    11α-O-Tigloyl-12β-O-acetyltenacigenin B
    11α-O-Tigloyl-12β-O-acetyltenacigenin B is an ester derivative of Tenacigenin B (HY-N1168), which is isolated from Garcinia cambogia (MTC). Tenacigenin B modulates the antitumor effects of Aurora-A in lymphoma.
  • HY-113894
    Retreversine is an inactive control for Reversine. Reversine is a novel class of ATP-competitive Aurora kinase inhibitor.
  • HY-N3737
    Derrone, a prenylated isoflavones, is an Aurora kinase inhibitor, with IC50 values of 6 and 22.3 μM against Aurora B and Aurora A, respectively. Derrone shows anti-tumor activity.
  • HY-156378
    Aurora A inhibitor 3
    Aurora A inhibitor 3 (Compound 5h) inhibits Aurora-A kinase with an IC50 value of 0.78 μM. Aurora A inhibitor 3 is cytotoxic, with GI50 values of 0.12 μM and 0.63 μM for MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells, respectively.
  • HY-151971
    Aurora Kinases-IN-3
    Aurora Kinases-IN-3 (Compound 15a) is an orally active AURKB inhibitor that elicits an AURKB-suppressive activity by disrupting the mitotic localization of AURKB, rather than inhibiting its phosphorylation of H3 at Ser10.
  • HY-149693
    Aurora kinase inhibitor-11
    Aurora kinase inhibitor-11 (compound 25) is an inhibitor of Aurora Kinase with an IC50 of 0.14 μM. Aurora kinase inhibitor-11 has anticancer activity.
  • HY-124330
    Tripolin A
    Tripolin A ((E)-Tripolin A) is a specific non-ATP competitive Aurora A kinase inhibitor, with IC50 values of 1.5 μM and 7 μM for Aurora A and Aurora B, respectively.
  • HY-144438
    Aurora/LIM kinase-IN-1
    Aurora/LIM kinase-IN-1 (Compound F114) is a potent and dual inhibitor of aurora and lim kinase. Aurora kinases and lim kinases are involved in neoplastic cell division and cell motility, respectively. Aurora/LIM kinase-IN-1 inhibits GBM proliferation and invasion. Aurora/LIM kinase-IN-1 is a promising new scaffold for dual aurora/lim kinase inhibitors that may be used in future agent development efforts for GBM, and potentially other cancers.
  • HY-143713
    Aurora A inhibitor 1
    Aurora A inhibitor 1 is a potent and selective inhibitor of Aurora A. Aurora A has been implicated in cancers of diverse histological origin and may possess oncogenic properties when overexpressed. Aurora A inhibitor 1 has the potential for the research of cancer diseases mediated by aurora a (extracted from patent WO2021147974A1, compound 49).