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D2 Receptor


D2 Receptor Related Products (155):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-14538
    Antagonist 99.65%
    Haloperidol is a potent dopamine D2 receptor antagonist, widely used as an antipsychotic.
  • HY-15296
    Agonist 99.86%
    Cabergoline is an ergot derived-dopamine D2-like receptor agonist that has high affinity for D2, D3, and 5-HT2B receptors (Ki=0.7, 1.5, and 1.2, respectively).
  • HY-14539
    Antagonist 99.99%
    Clozapine (HF 1854) is an antipsychotic used for the research of schizophrenia. Clozapine has high affinity for a number of neuroreceptors. Clozapine is a potent antagonist of dopamine D2 with a Ki of 75 nM. Clozapine inhibits the muscarinic M1 receptor and serotonin 5HT2A receptor with Kis of 9.5 nM and 4 nM, respectively. Clozapine is also a potent and selective agonist at the muscarinic M4 receptor (EC50=11 nM).
  • HY-11018
    Antagonist 99.92%
    Risperidone is a serotonin 5-HT2 receptor blocker, P-Glycoprotein inhibitor and potent dopamine D2 receptor antagonist, with Kis of 4.8, 5.9 nM for 5-HT2A and dopamine D2 receptor, respectively.
  • HY-14546
    Agonist 99.95%
    Aripiprazole (OPC-14597), an atypical antipsychotic, is a potent and high-affinity dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist. Aripiprazole is an inverse agonist at 5-HT2B and 5-HT2A receptors and displays partial agonist actions at 5-HT1A, 5-HT2C, D3, and D4 receptors. Aripiprazole can be used for the research of schizophrenia and COVID19.
  • HY-11018S2
    Risperidone-d6 (R 64 766-d6) is the deuterium labeled Risperidone (HY-11018). Risperidone is a serotonin 5-HT2 receptor blocker, P-Glycoprotein inhibitor and potent dopamine D2 receptor antagonist, with Kis of 4.8, 5.9 nM for 5-HT2A and dopamine D2 receptor, respectively.
  • HY-128386
    Cinitapride monotartrate
    Cinitapride monotartrate is a 5-HT1A and 5-HT4 agonist. Cinitapride monotartrate is also a 5-HT2A and D2 antagonist. Cinitapride monotartrate can be used for the research of functional dyspepsia.
  • HY-157563
    Dopamine D4 receptor ligand 2
    Dopamine D4 receptor ligand 2 (compound 17) is a potent and selective dopamine D4 ligand with IC50 values of 0.057, >1000, 220, 270 nM for D4, D2, 5-HT1A, α1, respectively.
  • HY-15780
    Agonist 99.85%
    Brexpiprazole (OPC-34712), an atypical orally active antipsychotic agent, is a partial agonist of human 5-HT1A and dopamine D2L receptor with Kis of 0.12 nM and 0.3 nM, respectively. Brexpiprazole is also a 5-HT2A receptor antagonist with a Ki of 0.47 nM. Brexpiprazole also shows potent antagonist activity at human noradrenergic α1B (Ki=0.17 nM) and α2C receptors (Ki=0.59 nM).
  • HY-B0358A
    Flunarizine dihydrochloride
    Antagonist 99.87%
    Flunarizine dihydrochloride is a potent dual Na+/Ca2+ channel (T-type) blocker. Flunarizine dihydrochloride is a D2 dopamine receptor antagonist. Flunarizine dihydrochloride shows anticonvulsive and antimigraine activity, and peripheral vasodilator effects.
  • HY-B1019
    Antagonist 99.75%
    Sulpiride is an orally active dopamine D2/D3 receptor antagonist. Sulpiride is an atypical antipsychotic agent of the benzamide family. Sulpiride can be used in research into anxiety, depression and breast cancer.
  • HY-B0032A
    Antagonist 99.90%
    Lurasidone (SM-13496) is an antagonist of both dopamine D2 and 5-HT7 with IC50s of 1.68 and 0.495 nM, respectively. Lurasidone (SM-13496) is also a partial agonist of 5-HT1A receptor with an IC50 of 6.75 nM.
  • HY-A0077
    Antagonist 99.95%
    Perphenazine is an orally active dopamine receptor and histamine-1 receptor antagonist, with Ki values of 0.56 nM (D2), 0.43 nM (D3), 6 nM (5-HT2A), respectively. Perphenazine also binds to Alpha-1A adrenergic receptor. Perphenazine inhibits cancer cell proliferation, and induces apoptosis. Perphenazine can be used in the research of mental disease, cancer, inflammation.
  • HY-N0049
    Agonist 99.46%
    Nuciferine is an antagonist at 5-HT2A (IC50=478 nM), 5-HT2C (IC50=131 nM), and 5-HT2B (IC50=1 μM), an inverse agonist at 5-HT7 (IC50=150 nM), a partial agonist at D2 (EC50=64 nM), D5 (EC50=2.6 μM) and 5-HT6 (EC50=700 nM), an agonist at 5-HT1A (EC50=3.2 μM) and D4 (EC50=2 μM) receptor.
  • HY-B1077
    Inhibitor 99.93%
    Penfluridol (R-16341) is a potent, long-acting, first-generation, oral diphenylbutylpiperidine antipsychotic agent by targeting D2-like dopamine receptor. Penfluridol effectively inhibits TNFα-induced NF-κB activation and alleviates the severity of arthritis and colitis in vivo. Penfluridol is a Ca2+-calmodulin inhibitor. Penfluridol induces apoptosis and autophagy. Penfluridol is used for chronic schizophrenia, acute psychosis, Tourette syndrome and autoimmune diseases. Penfluridol inhibites the growth of E. faecalis planktonic cells with the MIC of 7.81 µg/ml.
  • HY-10791
    Inhibitor 99.78%
    Ritanserin (R 55667) is a highly potent, relatively selective, orally active, long acting antagonist of 5-HT2 receptor, with an IC50 of 0.9 nM, less active on Histamine H1, Dopamine D2, Adrenergic α1, Adrenergic α2 receptors.
  • HY-B0410
    Agonist 99.95%
    Pramipexole is a selective and blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetrant dopamine D2-type receptor agonist, with Kis of 2.2 nM, 3.9 nM, 0.5 nM and 1.3 nM for D2-type receptor, D2, D3 and D4 receptors, respectively. Pramipexole can be used for the research of Parkinson's disease (PD) and restless legs syndrome (RLS).
  • HY-A0019
    Antagonist 99.69%
    Paliperidone (9-Hydroxyrisperidone), the major active metabolite of Risperidone, is a dopamine D2 antagonist and 5-HT2A antagonist. Paliperidone is also active as an antagonist at α1 and α2 adrenergic receptors and H1-histaminergic receptors. Paliperidone, a antipsychotic agent, shows efficacy against schizophrenia.
  • HY-103414
    Antagonist 99.72%
    Raclopride is a dopamine D2/D3 receptor antagonist with potential antipsychotic effects. Raclopride binds to D2 and D3 receptors with Kis of 1.8 nM and 3.5 nM, respectively.
  • HY-B0411
    Inhibitor 99.79%
    Domperidone (R33812) is an orally active and selective dopamine-2 receptor antagonist. Domperidone acts as an antiemetic and a prokinetic agent through its effects on the chemoreceptor trigger zone and motor function of the stomach and small intestine.