1. Signaling Pathways
  2. PI3K/Akt/mTOR
  3. PTEN
  4. PTEN Activator

PTEN Activator

PTEN Activator (1):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-N1435
    Oroxin B
    Activator 99.71%
    Oroxin B (OB) is a flavonoid isolated from traditional Chinese herbal medicine Oroxylum indicum (L.) Vent. Oroxin B (OB) possesses obvious inhibitory effect and induces early apoptosis rather than late apoptosis on liver cancer cells through upregulation of PTEN, down regulation of COX-2, VEGF, PI3K, and p-AKT. Oroxin B (OB) selectively induces tumor-suppressive ER stress in malignant lymphoma cells.