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  3. Prostaglandin Receptor
  4. IP Isoform
  5. IP Agonist

IP Agonist

IP Agonists (8):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-14870
    Agonist 99.92%
    Selexipag (NS-304) is an orally available and potent agonist for the Prostacyclin (PGI2) receptor (IP receptor).
  • HY-111271
    L 888607
    Agonist 99.95%
    L 888607 is a potent, selective, stable and orally active CRTH2 agonist.
  • HY-79593
    Agonist 99.91%
    MRE-269 is an active metabolite of selexipag, and acts as a selective IP receptor agonist.
  • HY-B0813
    Treprostinil diethanolamine
    Treprostinil (UT-15C) diethanolamine is a potent EP2, DP1 and IP agonist with Ki values of 3.6, 4.4, 32.1, 212, 826, 2505 and 4680 nM for EP2, DP1, IP, EP1, EP4, EP3 and FP, respectively.
  • HY-16504
    Treprostinil sodium
    Agonist ≥98.0%
    Treprostinil (UT-15) sodium is a potent DP1 and EP2 agonist with EC50 values of 0.6±0.1 and 6.2±1.2 nM, respectively.
  • HY-128932
    Cefminox sodium
    Agonist 99.83%
    Cefminox sodium (MT-141) is a semisynthetic cephamycin, which exhibits a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity.
  • HY-16751
    Agonist 99.70%
    Ralinepag is a potent, orally bioavailable and non-prostanoid prostacyclin (IP) receptor agonist, with EC50s of 8.5 nM, 530 nM and 850 nM for human and rat IP receptor and human DP1 receptor, respectively.
  • HY-112322
    Agonist ≥99.0%
    Carbacyclin is a PGI2 analogue, acts as a prostacyclin (PGI2) receptor agonist and vasodilator, and potently inhibits platelet aggregation.