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Meliaceae (11):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-19356
    Rocaglamide 84573-16-0 98.91%
    Rocaglamide (Roc-A) is isolated from the genus Aglaia and can be used for coughs, injuries, asthma and inflammatory skin diseases. Rocaglamide is a potent inhibitor of NF-κB activation in T-cells. Rocaglamide is a potent and selective heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) activation inhibitor with an IC50 of ~50 nM. Rocaglamide inhibits the function of the translation initiation factor eIF4A. Rocaglamide also has anticancer properties in leukemia.
  • HY-N0263
    Toosendanin 58812-37-6 ≥98.0%
    Toosendanin, a triterpenoid extracted from the bark of fruit of Melia toosendan Sieb et Zucc, possesses analgesic, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • HY-Y0678
    1,3,5-Trimethoxybenzene 621-23-8 ≥98.0%
    1,3,5-Trimethoxybenzene is a key component of the Chinese rose odor. 1,3,5-Trimethoxybenzene is synthesized in three successive methylation steps from phloroglucinol, the initial precursor.
  • HY-19355
    Rocagloic acid 190385-15-0 98.04%
    Rocagloic acid is a racaglamide derivative isolated from the fruits of Amoora cucullata with potent cytotoxicity.
    Rocagloic acid
  • HY-N5104
    Clemaphenol A 362606-60-8
    Clemaphenol A is a chemical constituent of the flower of Fritillaria pallidiflora.
    Clemaphenol A
  • HY-N7694
    Isotoosendanin 97871-44-8
    Isotoosendanin is a limonoid that can be isolated from Melia toosendan fruit. Isotoosendanin displays significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities.
  • HY-N4162
    3-Oxo-21α-methoxy-24,25,26,27-tetranortirucall-7-ene-23(21)-lactone 1260173-73-6
    3-Oxo-21α-methoxy-24,25,26,27-tetranortirucall-7-ene-23(21)-lactone is a cytotoxic tirucallane C26 triterpenoid isolated from the stem barks of Aphanamixis grandifolia.
  • HY-N1317
    Salirepin 26652-12-0
    Salirepin is a phenolic glycoside from fruits of Idesia polycarpa, inhibits LPS-induced nitric oxide production.
  • HY-N1342
    Rocaglaol 147059-46-9
    Rocaglaol induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in LNCaP cells.
  • HY-W001251
    3,5-Dimethoxybenzoic acid 1132-21-4 99.66%
    3,5-Dimethoxybenzoic acid, isolated from Melia azedarach L. leaves with antifungal activity, is an intermediate in organic synthesis.
    3,5-Dimethoxybenzoic acid
  • HY-N9401
    Azedarachol 99305-11-0
    Azedarachol possesses antifeedant activity.