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Abl Related Products (17):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-13520
    Inhibitor 99.66%
    Nocodazole (Oncodazole) is a rapidly-reversible inhibitor of microtubule. Nocodazole binds to β-tubulin and disrupts microtubule assembly/disassembly dynamics, which prevents mitosis and induces apoptosis in tumor cells. Nocodazole inhibits Bcr-Abl, and activates CRISPR/Cas9.
  • HY-50514
    Inhibitor 99.70%
    AT9283 is a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor with potent activity against Aurora A/B, JAK2/3, Abl (T315I) and Flt3 (IC50s ranging from 1 to 30 nM). AT9283 inhibits growth and survival of multiple solid tumors in vitro and in vivo.
  • HY-10339
    Inhibitor 99.69%
    KW-2449 is a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor of FLT3, ABL, ABLT315I and Aurora kinase with IC50s of 6.6, 14, 4 and 48 nM, respectively.
  • HY-112089
    Inhibitor 99.72%
    Naporafenib (LXH254) is a potent, selective, orally active, type II BRAF and CRAF inhibitor, with IC50 values of 0.072 and 0.21 nM against CRAF and BRAF, respectively.
  • HY-108766
    Ponatinib hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.55%
    Ponatinib hydrochloride (AP24534 hydrochloride) is a hydrochloride of ponatinib. Ponatinib is an orally active multi-targeted kinase inhibitor with IC50s of 0.37 nM, 1.1 nM, 1.5 nM, 2.2 nM, and 5.4 nM for Abl, PDGFRα, VEGFR2/KDR/Flk-1, FGFR1, and Src, respectively.
  • HY-15268
    PP487 is a dual inhibitor of tyrosine kinase/PI(3)Ks with IC50 values of 0.017 μM, 0.072 μM, 0.004 μM, 0.01 μM, 0.55 μM, 0.22 μM, and < 0.01 μM against DNA-PK, mTOR, Hck, Src, EGFR, EphB4, and PDGFR, respectively. PP487 can be used for cancer research.
  • HY-162489
    Tyrosine kinase-IN-8
    Tyrosine kinase-IN-8 (compound 4e) is a BCR‐ABL1 tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Tyrosine kinase-IN-8 shows anti-proliferative activity against K562 cells, a chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) cell line (CC50=0.8 µM). Tyrosine kinase-IN-8 can be used in the study of chronic leukemia.
  • HY-163189
    c-ABL-IN-6 (compound A6) is a c-ABL inhibitor with IC50 value of 16.6 nM. c-ABL-IN-6 displays higher neuroprotective effects against SH-SY5Y cell death induced by MPP+ (HY-W008719). c-ABL-IN-6 can be used for the research of neurodegenerative disorder.
  • HY-13905
    Flumatinib mesylate
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    Flumatinib (HHGV678) mesylate is an orally active and selective inhibitor of Bcr-Abl. Flumatinib mesylate inhibits c-Abl, PDGFRβ and c-Kit with IC50 values of 1.2, 307.6 and 665.5 nM, respectively. Flumatinib mesylate inhibits Bcr-Abl autophosphorylation and Stat5 and Erk1/2 phosphorylation. Flumatinib mesylate inhibits tumor growth in chronic myelogenous leukemia model.
  • HY-122113
    Inhibitor 98.82%
    PD173952 is a tyrosine kinases inhibitor with IC50s of 0.3, 1.7 and 6.6 nM against Lyn, Abl and Csk, respectively. PD173952 is also a potent Myt1 kinase inhibitor with a Ki of 8.1 nM. PD173952 induces apoptosis.
  • HY-119370
    CHMFL-ABL-121 is a highly potent type II ABL kinase inhibitor with IC50s of 2 nM and 0.2 nM against purified inactive ABL wt and T315I kinase protein, respectively.
  • HY-10363
    AP 24149
    AP 24149 is a potent Src-Abl dual inhibitor with IC50 values of 9.1, 3.6 nM for Src and Abl, respectively.
  • HY-14979A
    ML786 dihydrochloride
    ML786 dihydrochloride is a potent and orally bioavailable Raf inhibitor, with IC50s of 2.1, 4.2, and 2.5 nM for V600EΔB-Raf, wt B-Raf, and C-Raf, respectively. ML786 dihydrochloride also inhibits Abl-1, DDR2, EPHA2, VEGFR2/KDR/Flk-1, and RET (IC50=<0.5, 7.0, 11, 6.2, 0.8 nM). ML786 dihydrochloride can be used for the research of cancers.
  • HY-101268
    CHMFL-ABL-053 (Compound 18a) is a potent, selective, and orally available BCR-ABL, SRC and p38 kinase inhibitor with IC50 values of 70, 90 and 62 nM against ABL1, SRC and p38, respectively.
  • HY-146697
    IHMT-TRK-284 (Compound 34) is a potent, orally active type II TRK kinase inhibitor with IC50 values of 10.5, 0.7, and 2.6 nM to TRKA, B, and C respectively. IHMT-TRK-284 displays great selectivity profile in the kinome and good in vivo antitumor efficacies.
  • HY-111874
    SNIPER(ABL)-039, conjugating Dasatinib (ABL inhibitor) to LCL161 derivative (IAP ligand) with a linker, induces the reduction of BCR-ABL protein with a DC50 of 10 nM. IC50s are 0.54 nM, 10 nM, 12 nM, and 50 nM for ABL, cIAP1, cIAP2, XIAP, respectively.
  • HY-10058
    AT9283 lactic acid
    AT9283 lactic acid is a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor with potent activity against Aurora A/B, JAK2/3, Abl (T315I) and Flt3 (IC50s ranging from 1 to 30 nM). AT9283 lactic acid inhibits growth and survival of multiple solid tumors in vitro and in vivo.