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Cereblon Related Products (57):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-114421
    FKBP12 PROTAC dTAG-13 2064175-41-1 99.75%
    FKBP12 PROTAC dTAG-13 (dTAG-13), a PROTAC-based heterobifunctional degrader, is a selective degrader of FKBP12F36V with expression of FKBP12F36V in-frame with a protein of interest. FKBP12 PROTAC dTAG-13 effectively engages FKBP12F36V and CRBN, thereby selectively degrading FKBP12F36V.
  • HY-101838
    dBET1 1799711-21-9 99.24%
    dBET1 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and BRD4 with an EC50 of 430 nM. dBET1 is a PROTAC that composes of (+)-JQ1 (HY-13030) linked to NSC 527179 (HY-14658) with a linker.
  • HY-134582
    dCBP-1 2484739-25-3 99.44%
    dCBP-1 is a potent and selective heterobifunctional degrader of p300/CBP based on Cereblon ligand. dCBP-1 is exceptionally potent at killing multiple myeloma cells and ablates oncogenic enhancer activity driving MYC expression.
  • HY-129602
    SD-36 2429877-44-9 98.52%
    SD-36 is a potent and efficacious STAT3 PROTAC degrader (Kd=~50 nM), and demonstrates high selectivity over other STAT members. SD-36 also effectively degrades mutated STAT3 proteins in cells and suppresses the transcriptional activity of STAT3 (IC50=10 nM). SD-36 exerts robust anti-tumor activity, and achieves complete and long-lasting tumor regression in mouse tumor models. SD-36 is composed of the STAT3 inhibitor SI-109, a linker, and an analog of Cereblon ligand Lenalidomide for E3 ubiquitin ligase. SD-36 is a click chemistry reagent, itcontains an Alkyne group and can undergo copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAc) with molecules containing Azide groups.
  • HY-139039
    BSJ-4-116 2519823-34-6 99.62%
    BSJ-4-116 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and CDK. BSJ-4-116 is a highly potent and selective CDK12 degrader (PROTAC) with an IC50 of 6 nM. BSJ-4-116 downregulates DDR genes through a premature termination of transcription, primarily through increasing poly(adenylation). BSJ-4-116 exhibits potent antiproliferative effects, alone and in combination with the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor Olaparib (HY-10162).
  • HY-153803
    GBD-9 2864408-92-2 99.76%
    GBD-9 is a double-mechanism degrader that efficiently degrades BTK and GSPT1 by recruiting the E3 ligase cereblon (CRBN). GBD-9 acts both as a PROTAC molecule to induce the degradation of BTK and as a molecular glue to degrade GSPT1. GBD-9 effectively inhibits cancer cell growth.
  • HY-155684
    SA-PA is an intracellular self-assembled PROTAC based on azide and alkyne. SA-PA is able to selectively degrade VEGFR-2, PDGFR-β and EphB4 proteins in U87 cells. SA-PA can be converted to PROTAC in situ by click reaction with the help of endogenous copper in tumor tissues.
  • HY-137488
    PROTAC BRAF-V600E degrader-2 2417296-82-1
    PROTAC BRAF-V600E degrader-2 (compound 12) is a potent BRAF-V600E degrader with Kds of 14.4 nM and 9.5 nM for BRAF and BRAF-V600E, respectively. PROTAC BRAF-V600E degrader-2 selectively degraded the kinase domain of BRAF-V600E but not the wild-type BRAF. PROTAC BRAF-V600E degrader-2 inhibits melanoma cell growth.
    PROTAC BRAF-V600E degrader-2
  • HY-130665
    TL12-186 2250025-88-6 ≥99.0%
    TL12-186 is a Cereblon-dependent multi-kinase PROTAC degrader. Multi-kinases include CDK, BTK, FLT3, Aurora kinases, TEC, ULK, ITK, et al. TL12-186 inhibits CDK2/cyclin A (IC50=73 nM) and CDK9/cyclin T1 (IC50=55 nM).
  • HY-111556
    BSJ-03-123 2361493-16-3 98.13%
    BSJ-03-123 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and CDK as a potent and novel CDK6-selective small-molecule degrader.
  • HY-130709
    PROTAC CDK2/9 Degrader-1 2408641-24-5 99.85%
    PROTAC CDK2/9 Degrader-1 (Compound F3) is a potent dual degrader for CDK2 (DC50=62 nM) and CDK9 (DC50=33 nM). PROTAC CDK2/9 Degrader-1 suppresses prostate cancer PC-3 cell proliferation (IC50=0.12 µM) by effectively blocking the cell cycle in S and G2/M phases. PROTAC CDK2/9 Degrader-1 is a PROTAC by tethering CDK inhibitor with Cereblon ligand.
    PROTAC CDK2/9 Degrader-1
  • HY-122826
    ZXH-3-26 2243076-67-5 98.61%
    ZXH-3-26 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and BRD4 with a DC50/5h of 5 nM. The DC50/5h refers to half-maximal degradation after 5 hours of treatment of ~ 5 nM.
  • HY-112155
    MS4078 2229036-62-6 99.63%
    MS4078 is an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) PROTAC (degrader) based on Cereblon ligand, with a Kd of 19 nM for binding affinity to ALK.
  • HY-141881
    PROTAC-O4I2 2785323-62-6 98.96%
    PROTAC-O4I2 is a PROTAC targets splicing factor 3B1 (SF3B1). PROTAC-O4I2 induces FLAG-SF3B1 degradation with an IC50 value of 0.244 μM in K562 cells. PROTAC-O4I2 also induces cellular apoptosis in K562 WT cells.
  • HY-129523
    PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1 2378258-52-5 98.05%
    PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1 (Compound 518) is a PROTAC. PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1 can effectively degrades K-Ras based on Cereblon E3 ligand, exhibits ≥70% degradation efficacy in SW1573 cells.
    PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1
  • HY-129966
    PROTAC IRAK4 degrader-1 2360533-90-8 99.72%
    PROTAC IRAK4 degrader-1 is a Cereblon-based PROTAC interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK4) degrader extracted from patent US20190192668A1 Compound I-210, makes <20%, >20-50%, and >50% IRAK4 degradation at 0.01, 0.1, and 1 μM in OCI-LY-10 cells, respectively.
    PROTAC IRAK4 degrader-1
  • HY-141512
    JB170 2705844-82-0 98.40%
    JB170 is a potent and highly specific PROTAC-mediated AURORA-A (Aurora Kinase) degrader (DC50=28 nM) by linking Alisertib, to the Cereblon-binding molecule Thalidomide. JB170 preferentially binds AURORA-A (EC50=193 nM) over AURORA-B (EC50=1.4 µM). JB170-mediated S-phase arrest is caused specifically by AURORA-A depletion. JB170 has excellent ability to inhibit non-catalytic function of AURORA-A kinase.
  • HY-138946
    XY028-140 2229974-83-6 98.28%
    XY028-140 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and CDK. XY028-140 inhibits both CDK4/6 expression and CDK4/6 activity in cancer cells.
  • HY-133137
    SJF620 2376187-16-3 99.27%
    SJF620 is a PROTAC connected by ligands for Cereblon and Btk with a DC50 of 7.9 nM. SJF620 contains a Lenalidomide analog for recruiting CRBN.
  • HY-111870
    PROTAC RIPK degrader-6 2089205-64-9 99.97%
    PROTAC RIPK degrader-6 (example 1) is a Cereblon-based PROTAC targeting RIP Kinase degradation wherein the RIP2 kinase inhibitor is linked via a linker to a cereblon binder.
    PROTAC RIPK degrader-6