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FAK Inhibitor

FAK Inhibitors (55):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-12289
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    Defactinib (VS-6063; PF-04554878) is a novel FAK inhibitor with potential antiangiogenic and antineoplastic activities.
  • HY-10461
    Inhibitor 99.66%
    PF-573228 is a potent and selective FAK inhibitor with IC50 of 4 nM for purified recombinant catalytic fragment of FAK.
  • HY-12444
    Inhibitor 98.22%
    Y15 is a potent and specific inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) that inhibits its autophosphorylation activity, decreases the viability of cancer cells, and blocks tumor growth.
  • HY-10459
    Inhibitor 99.68%
    PF-562271 (VS-6062) is a potent, ATP-competitive and reversible FAK and Pyk2 kinase inhibitor with IC50s of 1.5 nM and 13 nM, respectively.
  • HY-10209
    Inhibitor 99.98%
    Masitinib (AB1010) is a potent, orally bioavailable, and selective inhibitor of c-Kit (IC50=200 nM for human recombinant c-Kit). It also inhibits PDGFRα (IC50s=540/800 nM), Lyn (IC50= 510 nM for LynB), Lck, and, to a lesser extent, FGFR3 and FAK. Masitinib (AB1010) has anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic activity and low toxicity.
  • HY-102073
    TG53 is a potent inhibitor of tissue transglutaminase (TG2) and fibronectin (FN) protein-protein interaction. TG53 inhibits formation of a complex with integrin β1 and activation of FAK and c-Src during SKOV3 cell attachment onto FN. TG53 can be used for ovarian cancer research.
  • HY-13917
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    PND-1186 (VS-4718) is a potent, highly-specific and reversible inhibitor of FAK with an IC50 of 1.5 nM. PND-1186 selectively promotes tumor cell apoptosis.
  • HY-B0789
    Inhibitor 98.05%
    SU6656 is a Src family kinases inhibitor with IC50s of 280, 20, 130, 170 nM for Src, Yes, Lyn, and Fyn, respectively. SU6656 inhibits FAK phosphorylation at Y576/577, Y925, Y861 sites. SU6656 also inhibits p-AKT.
  • HY-100498
    Inhibitor 99.74%
    GSK2256098 is a selective FAK kinase inhibitor, which inhibits growth and survival of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells.
  • HY-12289A
    Defactinib hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 98.95%
    Defactinib hydrochloride (VS-6063 hydrochloride; PF 04554878 hydrochloride) is a novel FAK inhibitor, which inhibits FAK phosphorylation at the Tyr397 site in a time- and dose-dependent manner.
  • HY-119932
    PROTAC FAK degrader 1
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    PROTAC FAK degrader 1 is a selective and potent von Hippel-Lindau-based focal adhesion kinase (FAK) degrader with an IC50 of 6.5 nM, DC50 of 3 nM.
  • HY-122844
    Inhibitor 99.61%
    Ifebemtinib (BI 853520) is an orally active and potent focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor (recombinant FAK IC50=1 nM). Ifebemtinib shows anti-proliferative activity against cancer cells. Ifebemtinib inhibits FER Kinase and FES Kinase with IC50s of 900 nM and 1040 nM, respectively.
  • HY-15841
    Inhibitor 99.58%
    CEP-37440 is a potent, orally active dual FAK/ALK inhibitor with IC50 values of 2.3 nM and 3.5 nM for FAK and ALK, respectively. CEP-37440 decreases the cell proliferation by blocking the autophosphorylation kinase activity of FAK1 (Tyr 397).
  • HY-N1372A
    Inhibitor 99.92%
    Fangchinoline is isolated from Stephania tetrandra with extensive biological activities, such as enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory sterilization and anti-atherosclerosis. Fangchinoline, a novel HIV-1 inhibitor, inhibits HIV-1 replication by impairing gp160 proteolytic processing. Fangchinoline targets Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and suppresses FAK-mediated signaling pathway in tumor cells which highly expressed FAK. Fangchinoline induces apoptosis and adaptive autophagy in bladder cancer.
  • HY-13203
    NVP-TAE 226
    Inhibitor 99.92%
    NVP-TAE 226 (TAE226) is a potent and ATP-competitive dual FAK and IGF-1R inhibitor with IC50s of 5.5 nM and 140 nM, respectively. NVP-TAE 226 (TAE226) also effectively inhibits Pyk2 and insulin receptor (InsR) with IC50s of 3.5 nM and 44 nM, respectively.
  • HY-132296
    Inhibitor 99.85%
    GSK215 is a potent and selective PROTAC focal adhesion kinase (FAK) degrader with a pDC50 of 8.4. GSK215 is designed by a binder for the VHL E3 ligase and the FAK inhibitor VS-4718. GSK215 induces rapid and prolonged FAK degradation, giving a long-lasting effect on FAK levels and a marked pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) disconnect.
  • HY-111546
    Inhibitor 99.90%
    BI-3663 is a highly selective PTK2/FAK PROTAC (DC50=30 nM), with Cereblon ligands to hijack E3 ligases for PTK2 degradation. BI-3663 inhibits PTK2 with an IC50 of 18 nM. BI-3663 is a PROTAC that composes of BI-4464 (HY-124625) linked to Pomalidomide (HY-10984) with a linker. Anti-cancer activity.
  • HY-109084
    Inhibitor 99.54%
    Conteltinib (CT-707) is a multi-kinase inhibitor targeting FAK, ALK, and Pyk2. Conteltinib exerts significant inhibitory effect on FAK with an IC50 of 1.6 nM.
  • HY-N0498
    Nitidine chloride
    Inhibitor 99.75%
    Nitidine chloride, a potential anti-malarial lead compound derived from Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb) DC, exerts potent anticancer activity through diverse pathways, including inducing apoptosis, inhibiting STAT3 signaling cascade, DNA topoisomerase 1 and 2A, ERK and c-Src/FAK associated signaling pathway. Nitidine chloride inhibits LPS-induced inflammatory cytokines production via MAPK and NF-kB pathway.
  • HY-145652
    Inhibitor 98.96%
    Narmafotinib (AMP-945) is an inhibitor of the enzyme focal adhesion kinase (FAK, KD=0.21 nM). Narmafotinib inhibits autophosphorylation of 397Y-FAK in MDA-MB-231 cells with an IC50=7 nM and exhibits low general cellular toxicity (IC50=2.7 μM, MDA-MB-231 cells).