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Anti-parasitic (15):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-15310
    Ivermectin 70288-86-7 98.01%
    Ivermectin (MK-933) is a broad-spectrum anti-parasite agent. Ivermectin (MK-933) is a specific inhibitor of Impα/β1-mediated nuclear import and has potent antiviral activity towards both HIV-1 and dengue virus. It is a positive allosteric effector of P2X4 and the α7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChRs). Ivermectin also inhibits bovine herpesvirus1 (BoHV-1) replication and inhibits BoHV-1 DNA polymerase nuclear import. Ivermectin is a candidate therapeutic against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.
  • HY-107193
    Bacitracin 1405-87-4
    Bacitracin is a polypeptide antibiotic against staphylococcal and pathogenic protozoa infections. Bacitracin inhibits cell wall biosynthesis and permeability through binding to the undecaprenyl pyrophosphate. Bacitracin inhibits macromolecular synthesis. Bacitracin is also a protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) inhibitor.
  • HY-N6735
    Apicidin 183506-66-3 99.87%
    Apicidin (OSI 2040) is a fungal metabolite, acts as an orally active histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, with antiparasitic activity and a broad spectrum antiproliferative activity.
  • HY-B0956
    Paromomycin sulfate 1263-89-4 99.91%
    Paromomycin (Aminosidine) sulfate, a neomycin (HY-B0470) derivative, is a broad spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic with amebicidal and bactericidal effects. Paromomycin sulfate prematures termination of translation of mRNA and inhibits protein synthesis by specifically binds to the RNA oligonucleotide at the A site of bacterial 30S ribosomes. Paromomycin sulfate can be used for the research of bacterial and parasitic infections.
    Paromomycin sulfate
  • HY-114936
    Piericidin A 2738-64-9 ≥99.0%
    Piericidin A (AR-054) is a natural mitochondrial NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) inhibitor. Piericidin A is a potent neurotoxin and inhibits mitochondrial respiration by disrupting the electron transport system through its action on NADH-ubiquinone reductase. Piericidin A is also a potential quorum-sensing inhibitor that suppresses the expression of the virulence genes of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica (Eca). Piericidin A is an ADC cytotoxin and has anti-bacterial, anticancer, insecticidal activity.
    Piericidin A
  • HY-N6769
    Radicicol 12772-57-5 99.63%
    Radicicol is an inhibitor of Hsp90 with an IC50 value < 1 μM, and leads to proteasomal degradation. Radicicol exhibits inhibition on PDK with IC50s of 230 μM (PDK1) and 400 μM (PDK3). Radicicol is an antifungal and antimalarial antibiotic, impairs mitochondrial replication by targeting P. falciparum topoisomerase VIB. Radicicol is also an inhibitor of fat mass and obesity-associated protein (FTO), with an IC50 value of 16.04 μM.
  • HY-15311
    Avermectin B1 71751-41-2 98.36%
    Avermectin B1 (Abamectin) is a mixture of two similar segments of avermectin. Avermectin B1 is an orally anti-infection agent, which can be used in the research of parasitic worms, insect pests, agriculture and animal husbandry. Avermectin B1 can also induce the production of ROS and induces cytotoxicity, apoptosis and autophagy.
    Avermectin B1
  • HY-100593
    Spiramycin 8025-81-8 99.19%
    Spiramycin (Rovamycin) is a macrolide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces ambofaciens with against bacteria and Toxoplasma gondii activities, and also has antiparasitic effect. Spiramycin is composed of a 16-member lactone ring, on which three sugars (mycaminose, forosamine, and mycarose) are attached.
  • HY-N6742
    Borrelidin 7184-60-3 99.80%
    Borrelidin (Treponemycin) is a bacterial and eukaryal threonyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitor which is a nitrile-containing macrolide antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces rochei. Borrelidin is an inhibitor of Cdc28/Cln2 of the budding yeast, with an IC50 of 24 μM. Borrelidin is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor, with an IC50 of 0.8 nM. Borrelidin induces apoptosis in the tube-forming cells. Borrelidin has strong antimalarial activities, with IC50s of 1.9 nM and 1.8 nM against K1 and FCR3 strains of Plasmodium falciparum, respectively.
  • HY-17035
    Doramectin 117704-25-3 98.83%
    Doramectin is a derivative of Ivermectin (HY-15310). Doramectin is a potent antiparasitic antibiotic. Doramectin is an active compound against S.mansoni in an NMRI mouse infection model.
  • HY-N7141
    Spiramycin I 24916-50-5 98.09%
    Spiramycin I is a macrolide antibiotic and antiparasitic.
    Spiramycin I
  • HY-126406
    Tirandamycin A 34429-70-4
    Tirandamycin A, an antibiotic, is a bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor. Tirandamycin A has antiamoebic and antibacterial properties.
    Tirandamycin A
  • HY-B0767
    Spinosyn A 131929-60-7
    Spinosyn A, a polyketide-derived macrolide produced by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, is a potent insecticide.
    Spinosyn A
  • HY-100496
    Nucleocidin 24751-69-7
    Nucleocidin is an antitrypanosomal antibiotic, inhibiting the transfer of labeled amino acid from S-RNA to protein.
  • HY-112542
    Nemadectin 102130-84-7
    Nemadectin (CL-287088), an orally active broad-spectrum endectocide, is highly efficacious against natural infections of all the major canine gastrointestinal helminthes. Anthelmintic activity.