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HDAC10 Related Products (36):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-109015
    Inhibitor 99.82%
    Tucidinostat (Chidamide) is a potent and orally bioavailable HDAC enzymes class I (HDAC1/2/3) and class IIb (HDAC10) inhibitor, with IC50s of 95, 160, 67 and 78 nM, less active on HDAC8 and HDAC11 (IC50s, 733 nM, 432 nM, respectively), and shows no effect on HDAC4/5/6/7/9.
  • HY-15433
    Inhibitor 98.02%
    Quisinostat (JNJ-26481585) is a potent, second-generation and orally active pan-HDAC inhibitor (HDACi), with IC50 values ranging from 0.11 nM to 0.64 nM for HDAC1, HDAC2, HDAC4, HDAC10 and HDAC11.
  • HY-13522
    Inhibitor 99.95%
    Fimepinostat (CUDC-907) potently inhibits class I PI3Ks as well as classes I and II HDAC enzymes with an IC50 of 19/54/39 nM and 1.7/5.0/1.8/2.8 nM for PI3Kα/PI3Kβ/PI3Kδ and HDAC1/HDAC2/HDAC3/HDAC10 , respectively.
  • HY-13428
    Tubacin is a potent and selective inhibitor of HDAC6, with an IC50 value of 4 nM and approximately 350-fold selectivity over HDAC1.
  • HY-15224
    Inhibitor 99.64%
    PCI-34051 is a potent and selective HDAC8 inhibitor with IC50 of 10 nM, with >200-fold selectivity over the other HDAC isoforms.
  • HY-150109
    Purinostat mesylate
    Purinostat mesylate is a selective inhibitor of HDAC.
  • HY-152226
    MC2590 is a potent pyridine-containing histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor.
  • HY-152225
    MC2625 is a potent pyridine-containing histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor.
  • HY-13322
    Inhibitor 99.82%
    Pracinostat is a potent histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, with IC50s of 40-140 nM, used for cancer research.
  • HY-10223
    Inhibitor 99.19%
    CUDC-101 is a potent inhibitor of HDAC, EGFR, and HER2 with IC50s of 4.4, 2.4, and 15.7 nM, respectively.
  • HY-10990
    Inhibitor 98.61%
    Abexinostat (CRA 024781) is a novel pan-HDAC inhibitor mostly targeting HDAC1 with Ki of 7 nM.
  • HY-18613
    Inhibitor 99.62%
    CAY10603 (BML-281) is a potent and selective HDAC6 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 2 pM; CAY10603 (BML-281) also inhibits HDAC1, HDAC2, HDAC3, HDAC8, HDAC10, with IC50s of 271, 252, 0.42, 6851, 90.7 nM.
  • HY-16699
    Nexturastat A
    Inhibitor 99.03%
    Nexturastat A is a potent, selective HDAC6 inhibitor.
  • HY-14842B
    Givinostat hydrochloride monohydrate
    Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    Givinostat hydrochloride monohydrate (ITF-2357 hydrochloride monohydrate) is a HDAC inhibitor with an IC50 of 198 and 157 nM for HDAC1 and HDAC3, respectively.
  • HY-16012A
    Inhibitor 99.43%
    Domatinostat (4SC-202 free base) is a selective class I HDAC inhibitor with IC50 of 1.20 μM, 1.12 μM, and 0.57 μM for HDAC1, HDAC2, and HDAC3, respectively.
  • HY-18976
    Inhibitor 99.08%
    UF010 is a potent and selective HDAC inhibitor with IC50 ~0.06 μM, 0.1 μM, 0.5 μM and 1.5 μM for HDACs 3, 2, 1 and 8, respectively.
  • HY-115475
    Inhibitor 99.59%
    SW-100, a selective histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) inhibitor with an IC50 of 2.3 nM, shows at least 1000-fold selectivity for HDAC6 relative to all other HDAC isozymes.
  • HY-B0494
    Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    Bufexamac is a class IIB histone deacetylases (HDAC6 and HDAC10) inhibitor used as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • HY-111818
    Inhibitor 98.41%
    TH34, an HDAC6/8/10 inhibitor with IC50s of 4.6 μM, 1.9 μM, and 7.7 μM respectively, shows high selectivity over HDAC1/2/3.
  • HY-101780
    Inhibitor 99.42%
    EDO-S101 (Tinostamustine) is a pan HDAC inhibitor; inhibits HDAC6, HDAC1, HDAC2 and HDAC3 with IC50 values of 6 nM, 9 nM, 9 nM and 25 nM, respectively.