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  2. Metabolic Enzyme/Protease
  3. Carbonic Anhydrase
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Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-149301
    Inhibitor 98.52%
    hCAIX-IN-18 (compound 30) is an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase (CA), with Kis of 3.5 nM, 9.4 nM, 43.0 nM and 8.2 nM for hCAI, hCAII, hCAIX, hCAXII, respectively. hCAIX-IN-18 can be used for cancer research.
  • HY-161322
    hCAXII-IN-9 (Compound 3I) is a selective inhibitor of hCAXII with Ki values of 28 nM, 7192.6 nM, 188.6 nM, and >100000 nM for hCAXII, hCAI, hCAII, and hCAIX, respectively. hCAXII-IN-9 can be utilized in antitumor research.
  • HY-150570
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 14
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 14 (Compound 8b) is a carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor with Ki values of 1203, 99.7, 9.4 and 27.7 nM against hCA I, hCA II, hCA IX and hCA XII, respectively. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 14 can also inhibit CDK2 with an IC50 of 20.3 μM. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 14 shows antitumor activity.
  • HY-161142
    Carbonic anhydrase/AChE-IN-1
    Carbonic anhydrase/AChE-IN-1 (compound 16) is a carbonic anhydrase and AChE inhibitor with Kis of 24.42 nM, 19.95 nM, and 5.07 nM for hCA I, hCA II, and AChE, respectively.
  • HY-149269
    COX-2-IN-30 is a benzenesulfonamide derivative, as well as an orally active and dual inhibitor of COX (IC50=49 nM for COX-2, 10.4 μM for COX-1) and 5-LOX (IC50=2.4 μM). COX-2-IN-30 also inhibits transmembrane hCA IX and hCA XII isoform with nanomolar calss Ki values. COX-2-IN-30 exhibits analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and ulcerogenic activities, and does not show acute gastric effect.
  • HY-161282
    hCAII-IN-10 (compound 11d) is hCA II inhibitor with the IC50s of 14 nM and 29.2 μM for hCA II and hCA I, respectively. hCAII-IN-10 inhibits cell growth against HT-29 cells with the IC50 of 74 μM. hCAII-IN-10 shows strongly lowered intraocular pressure in the glaucomatous rabbit eye model.
  • HY-146207
    HCAIX-IN-2 (compound 9d) is a selective carbonic anhydrase inhibitor with the Ki values of 24.6 nM and 45.3 nM for hCA IX and hCA XII, respectively.
  • HY-151578
    DPP IV/hCA II-IN-1
    DPP IV/hCA II-IN-1 is a potent and selective dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) and carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor with an IC50 value of 0.049 μM for DPP IV and with Ki values of 0.0361, 0.0428, 0.0941, 0.1328, 0.2615, and 3.034 μM for CA II, CA VB, CA VA, CA IX, CA I, and CA IV, respectively.
  • HY-156181
    hCAIX/XII-IN-8 (compound 3g) is a potent human (carbonic anhydrase) CA IX and XII inhibitor, with Ki values of 8.5 and 6.7 nM, respectively. hCAIX/XII-IN-8 shows particularly strong inhibitory activity against the tumor-associated membrane-bound isoforms, hCA IX and XII, while maintaining a high selectivity ratio over cytosolic off-target isoforms hCA I and II.
  • HY-163380
    CA/MAO-B-IN-1 (Compound 78) is a dual inhibitor for human brain carbonic anhydrases (CA) and Monoamine Oxidase-B (MAO-B), with IC50s of 8.8 and 7.0 nM, respectively. CA/MAO-B-IN-1 reveals a human oral absorption of 71.9% through in silico prediction.
  • HY-162063
    hCAIX/XII-IN-9 (compound 8) is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor with Ki values of 1658 nM, 184.8 nM, 8.9 nM, 64.8 nM for hCA I, hCA II, hCA IX, and hCA XII, respectively.
  • HY-162226
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 19
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 19 (compound 26a) inhibits the Glaucoma related isoforms hCA II and hCA XII with Kis of 9.4 nM and 6.7 nM, respectively. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 19 reveals an intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect.
  • HY-146206
    HCAIX-IN-1 (compound 21e) is a potent and selective HCAIX inhibitor with KIs of 694.9, 126.6, 3.3, 9.8 nM for hCA I, hCA II, hCA IX, hCA XII, respectively.
  • HY-156169
    hCAIX/XII-IN-7 (compound 3e) is a potent hCA IX and XII inhibitor with Kis of 3.2 nM, 9.2 nM, 503.7 nM and 59 nM for hCA I, hCA II, hCA IX and hCA XII, respectively. hCAIX/XII-IN-7 has the potential for hypoxic tumors research.
  • HY-157321
    hCAI/II-IN-7 (compound 1F) is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor with Ki values of 23 nM, 44 nM and 20.57 µM for hCA-I, hCA-II and bovine CA, respectively.
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