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Cat. No. Product Name Species Source
  • HY-P70898
    KLF6 Protein, Human

    Krueppel-Like Factor 6; B-Cell-Derived Protein 1; Core Promoter Element-Binding Protein; GC-Rich Sites-Binding Factor GBF; Proto-Oncogene BCD1; Suppressor of Tumorigenicity 12 Protein; Transcription Factor Zf9; KLF6; BCD1; COPEB; CPBP; ST12

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P7676
    BCAN Protein, Human (HEK293, His)

    rHuBCAN, His; Brevican Core Protein; BCAN; BEHAB

    Human HEK 293
    BCAN Protein, Human (HEK293, His) is a recombinant human brevican core protein produced in HEK293 cells. In the adult brain, the brevican core protein undergoes proteolytic cleavage and exists as a 145-kDa full-length form and an 80-kDa C-terminal fragment[1].
  • HY-P71026
    SDC4 Protein, Mouse (HEK 293, His)

    SDC4; Syndecan-4; SYND4; Ryudocan Core protein

    Mouse HEK 293
  • HY-P70995
    SDC2 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    Syndecan-2; SYND2; Fibroglycan; Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Core Protein; HSPG; CD362; SDC2; HSPG1

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P71432
    WFDC2 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    WAP Four-Disulfide Core Domain Protein 2; Epididymal Secretory Protein E4; Major Epididymis-Specific Protein E4; Putative Protease Inhibitor WAP5; WFDC2; HE4; WAP5

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P70316
    Elafin/Trappin-2 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    rHuElafin, His; Elafin; Elastase-Specific Inhibitor; ESI; Peptidase Inhibitor 3; PI-3; Protease inhibitor WAP3; Skin-Derived Antileukoproteinase; SKALP; WAP Four-Disulfide Core Domain Protein 14; PI3; WAP3; WFDC14

    Human HEK 293