1. Signaling Pathways
  2. Metabolic Enzyme/Protease
    Vitamin D Related/Nuclear Receptor
  3. ROR
  4. RORγ Isoform
  5. RORγ Modulator

RORγ Modulator

RORγ Modulators (3):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-115879
    SHR168442 is a modulator of retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (RORγ) with an IC50 value of 0.035 μM.
  • HY-142940
    RORγt modulator 5
    RORγt modulator 5 is a RORγt modulator with a Ki value of <100 nM. RORγt modulator 5 has the potential for inflammatory, metabolic, autoimmune and other diseases mediated by RORy study (WO2017132432A1; compound 2).
  • HY-142939
    RORγt modulator 4
    RORγt modulator 4 is a RORγt modulator. RORγt modulator 4 has an activity to modulate IL-17A production in cells derived from mouse spleen (WO2018030550A1; compound 146).