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  4. Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb.) DC.

Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb.) DC.

Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb.) DC. (4):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0498
    Nitidine chloride 13063-04-2 99.75%
    Nitidine chloride, a potential anti-malarial lead compound derived from Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb) DC, exerts potent anticancer activity through diverse pathways, including inducing apoptosis, inhibiting STAT3 signaling cascade, DNA topoisomerase 1 and 2A, ERK and c-Src/FAK associated signaling pathway. Nitidine chloride inhibits LPS-induced inflammatory cytokines production via MAPK and NF-kB pathway.
    Nitidine chloride
  • HY-N10879
    5,7-Dimethoxyflavanone 1036-72-2 99.43%
    5,7-Dimethoxyflavanone is an active compound. 5,7-Dimethoxyflavanone can be Isolated from the roots of Zanthoxylum nitidum.
  • HY-N2898
    Artanin 96917-26-9
    Artanin is a coumarin, has biological activities related to Alzheimer’s disease. Artanin exerts function including AChE inhibitory and AChE- and self-induced amyloid beta () aggregation inhibitory activities, with IC50s of 51 μM, 98 μM, and 124 μM, respectively.
  • HY-W676876
    Oxynitidine 548-31-2
    Oxynitidine is an HBV inhibitor (ID50=30.8 µg/mL), which can effectively inhibit the DNA replication activity of HBV. Oxynitidine can be used in the study of viral infections.