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  4. Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F.

Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F.

Synonyms: lemon

Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. (7):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0125
    Diosmetin 520-34-3 99.80%
    Diosmetin is a natural flavonoid which inhibits human CYP1A enzyme activity with an IC50 of 40 μM in HepG2 cell.
  • HY-N2194
    Bergamottin 7380-40-7 99.80%
    Bergamottin is a potent and competitive CYP1A1 inhibitor with a Ki of 10.703 nM.
  • HY-124257
    (R)-Citronellol 1117-61-9 ≥98.0%
    (R)-Citronellol (D-Citronellol) is an alcoholic monoterpene found in geranium essential oil. (R)-Citronellol inhibits degranulation of mast cells and does not affect caffeine bitterness perception. (R)-Citronellol can be used in decorative cosmetics, toiletries as well as in non-cosmetic products.
  • HY-111664A
    (S)​-​(-​)​-​Citronellal 5949-05-3
    (S)-(-)-Citronellal ((-)-Citronellal) is a monoterpenoid compound found in Corymbia citriodora and Cymbopogon nardus essential oils.
  • HY-111664
    (R)-(+)-Citronellal 2385-77-5
    (R)-(+)-Citronellal, isolated from citrus, lavender and eucalyptus oils, is a monoterpenoid and main component of citronellal oil with a distinct lemon scent. A flavouring agent. Used for insect repellent and antifungal properties.
  • HY-N8431
    5-Geranoxy-7-methoxycoumarin 7380-39-4
    5-Geranoxy-7-methoxycoumarin is a coumarin with anti-cancer, antifungal, and  antibacterial activities. 5-Geranoxy-7-methoxycoumarin induces cell apoptosis.
  • HY-N8405
    Isolimonexic acid 73904-93-5
    Isolimonexic acid is a limonoid isolated from lemon (Citrus lemon L. Burm) seed, has anti-cancer and anti-aromatase (IC50=25.60 μM) properties.
    Isolimonexic acid