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Thymelaeaceae (32):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0731
    Genkwanin 437-64-9 99.82%
    Genkwanin is a major non-glycosylated flavonoid with anti-flammatory activities.
  • HY-N0281
    Daphnetin 486-35-1 99.21%
    Daphnetin (7,8-dihydroxycoumarin), one coumarin derivative can be found in plants of the Genus Daphne, is a potent, oral active protein kinase inhibitor, with IC50s of 7.67 μM, 9.33 μM and 25.01 μM for EGFR, PKA and PKC in vitro, respectively. Daphnetin triggers ROS-induced cell apoptosis and induces cytoprotective autophagy by modulating the AMPK/Akt/mTOR pathway. Daphnetin has anti-inflammation activitity and inhibits TNF-α, IL-1ß, ROS, and MDA production. Daphnetin has schizontocidal activity against malaria parasites. Daphnetin can be used for rheumatoid arthritis , cancer and anti-malarian research.
  • HY-N0699
    Daphnoretin 2034-69-7 99.83%
    Daphnoretin (Dephnoretin), isolated from Wikstroemia indica, possesses antiviral activity. Daphnoretin likes PMA, may direct activation of protein kinase C which in turn activated NADPH oxidase and elicited respiratory burst.
  • HY-N7225
    Yuanhuacine 60195-70-2 99.47%
    Yuanhuacine (Gnidilatidin), a daphnane diterpenoid from the flowers of Daphne genkwa with extensive anti-tumor activity. Yuanhuacine is a DNA-damaging agent with orally active.
  • HY-N1468
    Agarotetrol 69809-22-9 99.86%
    Agarotetrol is a chromone derivative isolated from Agarwood.
  • HY-126412
    Neochamaejasmine A 90411-13-5
    Neochamaejasmine A is a biflavonoid that can be isolated from the roots of Stellera chamaejasme L.. Neochamaejasmine A inhibits proliferation, induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in tumor cells. Neochamaejasmine A can be used in the research of cancers such as prostate cancer, hepatoma cancer.
    Neochamaejasmine A
  • HY-N10093
    Chamaejasmine 69618-96-8
    Chamaejasmine is a biflavonoid that can be isolated from the roots of Stellera chamaejasme L. Chamaejasmine has antitumor activity. Chamaejasmine induces cell apoptosis, autophagy and ROS production, and activates the activity of AMPK/mTOR signal pathway.
  • HY-N10998
    Chamaejasmenin A 89618-14-4
    Chamaejasmenin A is a C-3/C-3’’ linkage biflavanone that can be isolated from Stellera chamaejasme L..
    Chamaejasmenin A
  • HY-W015616
    Benzylacetone 2550-26-7 99.93%
    Benzylacetone is an aromatic compound from agarwood. Benzylacetone exhibits potent and reversible antityrosinase (mushroom) activity, with IC50s of 2.8 mM and 0.6 mM for monophenolase and diphenolase, respectively. Benzylacetone has appetite-enhancing and locomotor-reducing effects.
  • HY-N1438
    Hydroxygenkwanin 20243-59-8 99.97%
    Hydroxygenkwanin (7-O-Methylluteolin), a natural flavonoid compound, is one of the main components of Lilac Daphne. Hydroxygenkwanin has anti-oxidant ability, anti-glioma ability and anticancer effect.
  • HY-N4010
    Iriflophenone 52591-10-3 98.07%
    Iriflophenone, isolated from Aquilaria sinensis, stimulates MCF-7 and T-47D human breast cancer cells proliferation.
  • HY-N8220
    2-(2-Phenylethyl)chromone 61828-53-3 99.98%
    2-(2-Phenylethyl)chromone (Flidersiachromone) is one of 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromones that can be found in Chinese eaglewood from Aquilaria sinensis.
  • HY-N6817
    Isoagarotetrol 104060-61-9
    Isoagarotetrol is a natural product isolated from agalwood.
  • HY-N10752
    6,7-Dihydroxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochromone 626236-07-5
    6,7-Dihydroxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochromone is a natural chromone derivative found in withered wood of Aquilaria sinensis.
  • HY-111927
    Pilloin 32174-62-2
    Pilloin, a flavonoid isolated from Marrubium cylleneum, exerts a cytotoxic action targeted at the transformed lymphoblasts. Pilloin also possesses anti-inflammatory activity.
  • HY-N8123
    6,7-Dimethoxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone 84294-87-1
    6,7-Dimethoxy-2-(2-phenylethyl)chromone is a natural compound.
  • HY-N10095
    Sikokianin A 106293-99-6
    Sikokianin A is a biflavanone that can be isolated from the root of Stellera chamaejasme. Sikokianin A has antimitotic and antifungal activity to against Pyricularia oryzae.
    Sikokianin A
  • HY-N7486
    Chamaejasmenin B 89595-71-1
    Chamaejasmenin B can be extracted from Stellera chamaejasme L. Chamaejasmenin B suppresses cancer cells migration and invasion. Chamaejasmenin B inhibits tumor metastasis. Chamaejasmenin B can be used in the research of cancers, such as breast cancers.
    Chamaejasmenin B
  • HY-107421
    Prostratin 60857-08-1
    Prostratin, a natural terpenoid compound, is a PKC activator, with a Ki of 12.5 nM and shows inhibitory effect on HIV-1.
  • HY-N7287
    (+)-Matairesinol 148409-36-3
    (+)-Matairesinol is a lignan. (+)-Matairesinol has no cytotoxic activity for human pancreatic PANC-1 cancer cells.