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  4. Citrus


Citrus (4):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-15337
    Hesperidin 520-26-3 99.19%
    Hesperidin (Hesperetin 7-rutinoside), a flavanone glycoside, is isolated from citrus fruits. Hesperidin has numerous biological properties, such as decreasing inflammatory mediators and exerting significant antioxidant effects. Hesperidin also exhibits antitumor and antiallergic activities.
  • HY-126382
    Hesperidin methylchalcone 24292-52-2 ≥98.0%
    Hesperidin methylchalcone (Hesperidin methyl chalcone) inhibits oxidative stress, cytokine production and NF-κB activation. Hesperidin methylchalcone inhibits inflammation and pain. Hesperidin methylchalcone exhibits vasoprotective activity.
    Hesperidin methylchalcone
  • HY-Z0478
    (-)-Limonene 5989-54-8
    (-)-Limonene ((S)-(-)-Limonene) is a monoterpene found in many pine-needle oils and in turpentine. (-)-Limonene can induce a mild bronchoconstrictive effect.
  • HY-N3213
    Naringenin triacetate 3682-04-0 99.08%
    Naringenin triacetate is a flavonoid isolated from plant, exhibits a good binding affinity with multiple crystal structures of first bromodomain BRD4 (BRD4 BD1).
    Naringenin triacetate