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Piperaceae (21):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N2329
    Piperlongumine 20069-09-4 98.09%
    Piperlongumine is a alkaloid, possesses ant-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiangiogenic, antioxidant, antitumor, and antidiabetic activities. Piperlongumine induces ROS, and induces apoptosis in cancer cell lines. Piperlongumine shows anti-cardiac fibrosis activity, suppresses myofibroblast transformation via suppression of the ERK1/2 signaling pathway. Piperlongumin could be used in the study of migrasome.
  • HY-N0144
    Piperine 94-62-2 98.88%
    Piperine, a natural alkaloid isolated from Piper nigrum L, inhibits P-glycoprotein and CYP3A4 activities with an IC50 value of 61.94±0.054 μg/mL in HeLa cell.
  • HY-N2096
    Kavain 3155-48-4 99.77%
    Kavain is a class of kavalactone isolated from Piper methysticum, which has anxiolytic properties in animals and humans. Kavain positively modulated γ-Aminobutyric acid type A (GABAA) receptor.
  • HY-B1671
    (+)-Kavain 500-64-1 99.98%
    (+)-Kavain, a main kavalactone extracted from Piper methysticum, has anticonvulsive properties, attenuating vascular smooth muscle contraction through interactions with voltage-dependent Na+ and Ca2+ channels. (+)-Kavain is shown to bind at the α4β2δ GABAA receptor and potentiate GABA efficacy. (+)-Kavain is used as a treatment for inflammatory diseases, its anti-inflammatory action has been widely studied.
  • HY-N2410
    N-trans-Feruloyltyramine 66648-43-9 99.89%
    N-trans-Feruloyltyramine (N-feruloyltyramine), an alkaloid from Piper nigru, is an inhibitor of COX1 and COX2, with potential antioxidant properties. N-trans-Feruloyltyramine possesses anti-inflammatory activity.
  • HY-W009993
    3,4-Methylenedioxycinnamic acid 2373-80-0 99.95%
    3,4-Methylenedioxycinnamic acid is an inhibitor of the phenylpropanoid enzyme 4-hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA ligase. 3,4-Methylenedioxycinnamic acid increases the formation of soluble phenolics in particular of vanillic acid.
    3,4-Methylenedioxycinnamic acid
  • HY-N10475
    4,12-Dimethoxy-6-(7,8-dihydroxy-7,8-dihydrostyryl)-2-pyrone 149947-22-8
    4,12-Dimethoxy-6-(7,8-dihydroxy-7,8-dihydrostyryl)-2-pyrone (compound 3) is a hydroxylated microbial metabolite of Yangonin.
  • HY-N10421
    Dihydrocubebin 24563-03-9
    Dihydrocubebin is a compound isolated from Piper cubeba as potent and selective inhibitors against cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4).
  • HY-N2465
    Methylsticin 495-85-2 99.42%
    Methylsticin is a kavalactone isolated from the Piper methysticum . Methylsticin exhibit osteoclast formation inhibitory activity.
  • HY-N2445
    Flavokawain C 37308-75-1 ≥98.0%
    Flavokawain C is a natural chalcone found in Kava root. Flavokawain C exerts cytotoxicity against human cancer cell lines, with an IC50 of 12.75 μM for HCT 116 cells.
    Flavokawain C
  • HY-41404
    Piperonylic acid 94-53-1 99.85%
    Piperonylic acid is a natural molecule bearing a methylenedioxy function that closely mimics the structure of trans-cinnamic acid. Piperonylic Acid is a selective, mechanism-based inactivator of the trans-cinnamate 4-Hydroxylase.
    Piperonylic acid
  • HY-N7207
    11-Methoxyyangonin 2743-14-8 99.44%
    11-Methoxyyangonin is a natural kavalactone.
  • HY-W088037
    Tridecane 629-50-5 ≥98.0%
    Tridecane is a short chain aliphatic hydrocarbon containing 13 carbon atoms. Tridecane is an volatile oil component isolated from essential oil of Piper aduncum L. Tridecane is a stress compound released by the brown marmorated stink bugs stress compound.
  • HY-N4205
    Tetrahydropiperine 23434-88-0 99.45%
    Tetrahydropiperine, a cyclohexyl analogue of piperine, is the first natural aryl pentanamide from Piper longum. Tetrahydropiperine (compound 14) inhibits the cytochrome P450 (CYP) isoform CYP1A1/arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH; IC50=23 µM).
  • HY-N3097
    Pellitorine 18836-52-7 99.84%
    Pellitorine is a compound isolated from the roots of Piper nigrum. Pellitorine shows strong cytotoxic activities against HL60 and MCT-7 cell lines. Pellitorine has the potential for the research of cancer diseases.
  • HY-N3915
    Futoquinol 28178-92-9
    Futoquinol is a neolignan isolated from the dried aerial parts of Piper kadsura (Piperaceae). Futoquinol potently inhibits NO production in microglia cells. Futoquinol has anti-neuroinflammatory activities.
  • HY-N3729
    (-)-Denudatin B 87402-88-8
    (-)-Denudatin B is an antiplatelet agent. (-)-Denudatin B relaxed vascular smooth muscle by inhibiting the Ca2+ influx through voltage-gated and receptor-operated Ca2+ channels. And (-)-Denudatin B has nonspecific antiplatelet action
    (-)-Denudatin B
  • HY-128400
    4'-Methoxychalcone 959-23-9 99.44%
    4'-Methoxychalcone regulates adipocyte differentiation through PPARγ activation. 4'-Methoxychalcone modulates the expression and secretion of various adipokines in adipose tissue that are involved in insulin sensitivity.
  • HY-N9192
    2,2-Dimethyl-8-prenylchromene 6-carboxylic acid 151731-50-9
    2,2-Dimethyl-8-prenylchromene 6-carboxylic acid (compound 2) is a natural product that can be found in Piper aduncum.
    2,2-Dimethyl-8-prenylchromene 6-carboxylic acid
  • HY-N3049
    Piperlotine C 886989-88-4
    Piperlotine C is an alkaloid isolated from Piper lolot, with anti-platelet aggregation induced by arachidonic acid, and the IC50 is 26.6 µg/mL.
    Piperlotine C